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Gã/Dãŋme Union (Virtual GaDangme International)

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"Together, there is strength...." We are one people. Our ancesters will turn in their graves to see the unity that brought them across Africa, hard times, and battles being destroyed by divisiveness among us. This page is intended to bring friendship, support, communal spirit, and GaDangme awareness to all members and non-members. We are one blood and one family. Individualism is tearing our group apart. Invite people to join us. We cannot love Ghana, if we do not love ourselves as one people. Each one unite one.

In addition, we should learn to put our disputes of purebred (kroŋŋ) GaDangme to rest because there is no such thing in the universe. To be a GaDangme, it is either by birth or by choice. That is how several inter-tribal, connubial (marriage) and congenital (birth right) affiliation made the growth of GaDangme possible. Intra-GaDangme relocations made several Ga people Dangme and vice versa. Certainly, non-GaDangme people became full fledged GaDangme people in the past, by choice. The neo-GaDangme people, today, are transformations and assimilations in progress. The willingness of our ancestors to accept strangers into our mist is a wise and admirable humanitarian gesture; that will never die. Also, if your father and/or mother is a GaDangme you are automatically a GaDangme, by birth right. We are GaDangme people first, Ghanaians, Africans, and citizens of the world, and accepting our own is no brainer, and our ancestors were aware of this.

The whole purpose of forming this group is to build the GaDangme consciousness, and the love of our people will pivot us to the GaDangme renaissance or revival. The mantle of leadership is not enshrined to any particular GaDangme alone. Hopefully, those who have the fire to lead our people will emerge. We must endeavor as people to reach a point where our selflessness and lack of pride will allow us to identify such leaders so as to encourage and support these willing leaders. Such humble and noble acts may bring and sustain would-be leaders. Undoubtedly, if you see yourself as a leader, start leading, and people may, spontaneously, come to such realization with you. Please, join the members who are dedicated to making difference in this group, among GaDangme people, and GaDangmeland. God bless GaDangme.

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